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We are a Digital Marketing Agency based in Calgary, Alberta that assists our clients in Becoming Visible, Converting Potential, and Nurturing Relationships through the best application of emerging technologies to sound strategies regarding Communication and Consumer Behavior.   To view our Services click here.

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The Equess Media difference

What makes Equess Media unique is  that we always ask WHY before HOW.  We view emerging technologies as extremely important, but only if they are applied correctly.  We hear too often from our clients horror stories about them investing in the latest channel or medium only to find the results lacking.   For this reason we not only provide the best in new media technology, we also ensure it is being applied correctly and for the right reasons.  We are extremely confident in the services and products we provide, and for this reason we apply revolutionary management and analytics software to all of our clients digital assets so they can see the ROI.

The Equess Media Process

1. Understand
It is critical for us to understand which industry(s) your business operates in and to which markets it serves. Before we put pen to paper (fingers to keys) we always do our due diligence to determine who your customers are, what your core competencies may be, what your competition is up to,  and how you plan to achieve an overall competitive advantage.

2. Establish Goals
Once we understand your business we can help in establishing what the best goals are. You're at point A now, before we know how to proceed, we must define B.

3. Create/Internalize Strategy
If you are not confident with how to proceed, we will help lead you down the right path based on your business and it's goals while applying our unique knowledge of marketing communications and emerging technologies. If you already have a plan you'd like to adhere to, we will internalize it before proceeding.

4. Determine Applicable Technologies
There are an abundance of technologies available to carry your message today. It is also a safe bet that there will be even more tomorrow. We stay on top of emerging technologies and their best practices so you do not have to. We know where you are and where you want to go, determining how to get there is the fun part.

5. Design and Develop
With a solid plan in place we really get down to work. We at Equess Media pride ourselves on the fact that we adhere to the highest and most current design and development standards, so you can rest assured that you do not only have the best plan, but the best tools as well.

6. Implement & Integrate
We handle taking your new and exciting marketing initiatives to market and integrating them with your current marketing mix. Equess Media also provides built in hosting services for everything we do so you do not need to worry about setting up your own complex infrastructure.

7. Evaluate, Maintain, Innovate
Our websites and related technologies are designed with comprehensive reporting and analytics software. This allows you, and us, to monitor your progress and determine any bottlenecks or weak spots along your customer acquisition process. Have us keep our watchful eye on your business or take the reigns yourself.

Mission Statement & Values

Equess Media's mission to become Western Canada's #1 Online Marketing Agency in terms of profit by providing unmatched (in terms of ROI) marketing & communication solutions to the markets they serve.  We plan to do this by following and adapting to strict truths about consumer behaviour while balancing the required flexibility to the increasingly dynamic technological landscape of today and tomorrow.  

Follow Truth, Apply Technology.
We believe it is imperative that there be underlying goals and strategy behind every marketing effort.  Following truths first allows businesses to move forward consistently toward their goals even while the channels/technologies  used to assist them may change frequently.

No Shortcuts.
This does not mean avoid efficiency or intentionally failing to improve processes. Rather that in the long term, the hard way often proves to be the easiest.

Preparedness and Planning can Improve Creativity.
Many businesspeople will often state that planning and preparation occurs only at the impediment of creativity. We feel that strict planning for unavoidable static processes can free up the necessary time and resources needed to adapt to the fluid requirements of the dynamic ones.